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Shoemaker Alpina Records EUR 5m Loss in 2010

Ziri, 08 April (STA) - Footwear manufacturer Alpina posted a net loss of EUR 5m on revenues of EUR 69m in 2010. General manager Matjaz Lenassi told the STA that the loss was the result of devaluation of its investments in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina and that the operating profit stood at EUR 500,000.

Lenassi is confident that the future is bright for Alpina due to the positive operating earnings in 2010 and solid growth outlook for 2011 stemming from a steady rise in orders for sports footwear.

While operating results in Croatia and Bosnia haven fallen short of plans, the company is satisfied with sales in Slovenia and on some other markets.

Lenassi attributes the success to Alpina's partnership with sports equipment group Elan and their partnership on foreign markets.

But he warned that Alpina, which employs around 1,700 workers worldwide, has trouble finding new staff in Slovenia.

Because there is no school for shoemakers in Slovenia, Lenassi fears production in Slovenia, which accounts for around 400 jobs, might have to be moved to Bosnia.

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