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SID Bank Grants EUR 2.3M Loan to Hybrid Circuits Maker HYB

Ljubljana, 19 September (STA) - The state-owned SID export and development bank said on Wednesday it had granted a EUR 2.3m loan to the maker of hybrid circuits HYB to finance research and industrialisation of new products and technologies in medicine and industrial sensorics.

HYB, which among other things manufactures, develops and markets hybrid microcircuits, pressure sensors and medical equipment, has been investing into the development of industrial and medical range of products over the past two years.

The loan with a 10-year maturity will be used to develop a number of products, including a closed blood collection system and a device for minimally invasive surgery.

The SID bank granted the loan as part of the Financing of Technological and Development Projects programme, for which it earmarked EUR 100m of funds loaned from the European Investment Bank (EIB), while the state added EUR 50m from the budget.

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