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Simobil Rolls Out First Commercial 4G Service

Brnik, 12 July (STA) - Mobile operator Simobil has unveiled Slovenia's first commercial 4G mobile broadband service at locations in Ljubljana, Brnik and Bled, where users will be able to use the LTE-based network coverage to achieve transfer speeds of between 30 and 80 Mbit/s, Slovenia's second-largest mobile operator announced on Thursday.

LTE network coverage is commercially available in 28 countries, while by the end of the year, 4G services should be available in over 59 countries, Simobil board member Ulrich Rokita told the press conference held at the Brnik airport.

Benefits of the new LTE technologies include faster data speeds of up to 100 Mbit/s, better responsiveness and a more efficient use of the radio spectrum, the company said.

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