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Slovenia Completes Road Shows Ahead of Dollar Bonds Issue

Ljubljana/London, 29 April (STA) - Slovenia is completing a series of road shows on Monday ahead of a planned issue of long-term debt, the Finance Ministry said in a press release. Depending on the market situation, the road shows conducted in US financial centres and London could be followed by a dollar bonds issue, the ministry said.

Meetings were held with banks BNP Paribas, Deutsche Bank and JP Morgan Chase; Finance Minister Uroš Čufer also took part. Shortly after last year's road show, Slovenia issued EUR 2.25bn worth of 10-year dollar bonds.

Čufer tried to convince potential investors that Slovenia is capable of resolving its issues by itself and that it will present a concrete plan of reform and public finance measures to the EU and international markets on 9 May in the National Reform Programme and Stability Programme.

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