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Slovenia Slides in World Competitiveness Rankings

Geneva, 04 September (STA) - Slovenia slipped six places on the Global Competitiveness Index compiled by the World Economic Forum and is now 62nd among 148 countries, with a score of 4.2 on a 1-7 scale.

The index, released on Wednesday, shows Slovenia received the highest marks in health care and primary education (ranking 17th), higher education (25th), technological readiness (33rd), infrastructure (36th) and innovation (40th).

However, it was among the worst performers in financial market development (134th) and labour market efficiency (106th).

It received middle-of-the-field scores for institutions (68th), the macroeconomic environment (52nd) and business sophistication (58th).

Slovenia finds itself on the list, which is topped by Switzerland, Singapore and Finland, in the company of countries such as India, Peru, Hungary and Russia.

Slovenia has been losing ground for years, going from 37th in 2009 to 45th in 2010, 57th in 2011, and then only marginally improving to 56th last year.

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