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Slovenia up three spots to 37th in World Bank's Doing Business report

Washington, 28 October (STA) - Slovenia gained three spots in the World Bank's most recent Doing Business report compared to last year, ranking 37th. The top three spots in Doing Business 2020 went to New Zealand, Singapore, and Denmark.

Slovenia ranks 1st, alongside several other countries, in the category trading across borders. It ranks eighth among 190 countries in resolving insolvency, whereas last year it was seventh, and 23rd in getting electricity, level with last year.

Slovenia is 41st in the category of starting a business (three spots lower than last year), 45th among the surveyed countries in the category paying taxes (down 4 spots) and 54th in registering property, where it lost 20 places.

It ranks 112th in enforcing contracts, down two spots, and 119th in both getting credit (down seven spots) and dealing with construction permits (up a spot).

Apart from New Zealand, Singapore and Denmark, the top ten also includes South Korea, the US, Georgia, the UK, Norway and Sweden. Slovenia ranks between Switzerland in 36th place and Rwanda in 38th.

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