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Slovenian SMEs Top in EU in Internationalisation

Brussels, 06 July (STA) - Slovenian small and medium size companies (SMEs) are among the most internationalised European SMEs, a survey presented by the European Commission in Brussels on Tuesday shows. Slovenia was also the most generous in non-financial support to internationalisation of SMEs in 2009.

With some 35% of SMEs exporting goods in the 2006-2008 period, Slovenia ranks at the top of the EU list. In the last three years, a quarter of European SMEs were engaged in international activities.

High above the EU average in exports are Estonia (some 55%), Denmark (little more than 40%), Sweden (almost 40%), the Czech Republic and Slovenia (about 35% each). Below the average are Germany, France and Great Britain.

In Slovenia, 23% of internationally active SMEs received some form of non-financial support, which is the most in the EU.

In terms of financial support to internationalisation, Slovenia ranked 16th with a 4% share. The list was topped by Austria and Turkey.

The survey, carried out last spring, included 9,480 SMEs from 33 European countries. In Slovenia, 220 companies took part, 74 micro, 71 small and 75 medium-sized companies.

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