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Slovenian Students Win 2nd Place in Imagine Cup 2013

Saint Petersburg, 12 July (STA) - Slovenia's student team DORA won the runner-up award in the Innovation category in Microsoft's student technology competition Imagine Cup 2013 on Thursday, Slovenia's best result in the Imagine Cup so far.

The team DORA (Doctors Operational Research Assistant) won 2nd place and $10,000 in what is the most prestigious category, Microsoft Slovenija said in a press release. Team Colinked out of the U.K. took the top prize.

DORA is a tool that strives to optimize the surgery process with the help of advanced technologies, allowing doctors to use a motion sensing input device and their hands to view medical documents during surgery without touching. This prevents them from needing to take time rescrubbing.

The DORA project started in the heads of Kristjan Košič, Boštjan Arzenšek, Andraž Leitgeb, Zedin Salkanović, students from Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in Maribor.

This was the first time that Slovenia's had two teams entering the competition, the other one being Beezinga, which qualified for the Worldwide Finals in St. Petersburg by winning the 11th Slovenian Imagine Cup competition. DORA qualified through online competitions.

This year, Microsoft awarded three main prizes of $50,000 each to the winners in the World Citizenship, Games and Innovation categories, which were won by teams from the U.K., Portugal and Austria.

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