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Slovenian Subsidiaries of Japanese Robotics Giant Growing

Ribnica, 26 May (STA) - Both Slovenian subsidiaries of Japanese technology giant Yaskawa Electric recorded a 10% rise in revenue in 2013. Yaskawa Slovenija and Yaskawa Ristro, which employ more than 100 people in a small town of 13,500, expect to continue the trend this year.

Yaskawa Slovenija and Yaskawa Ristro, the subsidiaries to the world's leading robotics manufacturer, reported around EUR 4.5m and EUR 20m in revenue, respectively, last year, the boss of both companies, Hubert Kosler, has told the STA.

Yaskawa Slovenija sells its products in Slovenia and the other former Yugoslav republics, while Yaskawa Ristro combines engineering and production to support all Japanese giant's subsidiaries in Europe.

On average, both companies annually increase their sales by 10%, Kosler explained, announcing some new job openings in production shortly.

He said that the Japanese owners were pleased with the results and were thinking about commissioning new projects to the Slovenians.

The leading Japanese industrial robots manufacturer set up camp in the town of Ribnica in the mid-1990s after taking over Slovenia's Motoman Robotec in 1994.

In 2010, the company began building Yaskawa's European robotics centre in Ribnica, an investment worth two million euros.

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