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Slovenian Tech Start-Ups on Show in Silicon Valley

San Francisco, 16 October (STA) - Five Slovenian technology start-ups groomed potential investors in Silicon Valley, California, on Thursday as part of a project organised by the Technology Park Ljubljana.

Hi-Tech Slovenia, featuring the firms Svetloba, Preona, Elaphe, Visonect and Flowr, was the first in a series of presentations, the Technology Park said.

The purpose of the events is to get entrepreneurs in touch with potential investors, and give them a taste of the global technology market.

Rok Zalar of Visionect, a firm specialising in software for the hospitality industry, said he was pleased, as his firm got some good advice and arranged three new meetings with investors.

The presentation is the product of BoudBreaker, a project that aims to give Slovenian start-ups access to global markets via Silicon Valley.

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