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Slovenians Drink 37.5 Litres of Wine Annually

Ljubljana, 14 December (STA) - A total of 646,300 hectolitres of wine were produced in Slovenia in the 2012/2013 season, while Slovenians drank 784,900 hectolitres or an average 37.5 litres per person. White wine was preferred, accounting for 25.4 litres of the average, according to data released by the Statistics Office earlier this week.

The consumption level is slightly lower than the year before, while the level of self-sufficiency in supply decreased as well, to 82%.

White wine accounted for 532,300 hectolitres or 68% of all wine consumed in that period.

This is no surprise, as almost 71% of all wine produced was white wine.

In terms of quality, wines with the status of protected designation of origin stood out with a 69% share, while those with protected geographical indication accounted for 26%.

Slovenia ranks 5th among EU members in alcohol consumption with registered consumption in the 2000-2010 period between 10.3 and 13.5 litres of pure alcohol per adult per year, according to a recently published book.

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