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Slovenians Pessimistic about the Economy

Brussels, 27 July (STA) - The spring 2012 Eurobarometer survey suggests that Slovenians are much more pessimistic about their national economy than the average European. No more than 11% of Slovenian respondents said the state of the country's economy was good, while the European average stood at 27%.

Citizens in different parts of the EU offered very different answers as regards the state of their national economies.

While more than three quarters of respondents from Sweden, Luxembourg and Germany believe their national economies were in good shape, less than 5% of Irish, Portuguese, Spanish and Greek respondents believe the same of their respective economies.

Despite the diverging positions, the survey suggests that Europeans are becoming more optimistic, as an increasing number of them believe that the crisis has already peaked.

Some 30% of Eurobarometer respondents believe that the effect of the crisis on the labour market has peaked, up eleven percentage points from the last Eurobarmeter poll in autumn 2011. The same was said by some 29% of Slovenian respondents, seven percentage points more than six months ago.

The poll was performed between 12 and 27 May and it included 32,728 respondents from all 27 EU member states and EU candidate countries.

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