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Slovenia's Consumer Goods Prices at 84% of EU Average in 2011

Luxembourg, 22 June (STA) - The prices of consumer goods and services in Slovenia stood at 84% of the EU average in 2011, which is the highest among the members that joined the bloc in 2004, according to Eurostat. In relative terms, prices in Slovenia were highest in electronic equipment, food and soft drinks.

The prices of electronic equipment in Slovenia were at 104% of the EU average, while the prices of food and non-alcoholic beverages were at 97% of the bloc's average.

Compared to the EU average, the prices of clothes were at 93% and the prices of vehicles (excluding maintenance) were at 91%.

Alcohol and tobacco cost only 81% as much as the EU average in Slovenia, while hospitality services reached 79% of the average.

Slovenia's GDP by purchasing power was also at 84% of the EU average, while the actual consumption per capita index was at 81%.

The lowest prices in the EU are in Bulgaria (51% of the average), Romania and Poland (both at 60%) and the highest are in Denmark (142%), Sweden (128%), Finland (125%) and Luxembourg (122%).

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