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Slovenia's First Biodiesel Power Plant Launched

Benedikt, 19 August (STA) - Slovenia's first biodiesel power plant, generating nearly one megawatt of electricity and worth EUR 1.3m, was inaugurated in Benedikt (NE) on Thursday. The plant was set up by Panonica Energetika, which is a part of the Panonica agricultural cooperative.

Panonica Energetika director Dejan Slemer said at the ceremony that an advantage of the 950 kilowatt plant, which matches the output of Slovenia's biggest solar power plants, is its small size. It stands on only 200 square metres of land.

The plant will also produce about one megawatt of thermal energy. It will consume around 240 litres of biodiesel per hour and its annual consumption is estimated at 1.8 million tonnes.

"This sounds like much, but it is actually little given the amount of energy produced. We have decided to strictly use fuel made from used vegetable oils. This solves the environmental question of what to do with such oils," Slemer explained.

The first biodiesel power plants in Europe were built in 2001. There are about 50 such plants in Europe, with the biggest being a 87 megawatt plant in the Netherlands.

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