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Slovenia's Request for Deferral of Use of 800 MHz Spectrum Denied

Brussels, 23 July (STA) - The European Commission said Tuesday it had denied Slovenia's request to postpone the use of the 800 MHz band for wireless broadband, saying that delay was due to the organisation of the authorisation process and not to exceptional circumstances.

Slovenia was one of the 14 member states which missed the 1 January deadline. The Commission granted nine exemptions today but rejected the requests of Slovenia and Slovakia on similar grounds.

In accordance with a European Parliament decision, member states were required to assign part of the spectrum which was freed up with the transition to digital TV to next-generation mobile broadband services.

Slovenia completed the transition to digital terrestrial TV broadcasting at the end of 2010, freeing up the 800 MHz spectrum, which is ideal for next-generation LTE technology.

However, the band has not yet been auctioned off, as the Agency for Post and Telecommunications has said the auction of several frequency bands, including the 800 MHz band, would be carried out next year.

The agency wants to auction off several bands in order to secure efficient use of the available spectrum and make sure it is sold at market prices.

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