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Slovenia's Trade Deficit Rises to EUR 723M at End November

Ljubljana, 08 January (STA) - Slovenia's trade gap in the first eleven months of 2009 widened to EUR 723.1m, with exports standing at EUR 14.83bn and imports amounting to EUR 15.55bn, according to the latest data from the national Statistics Office.

Compared to the same period in 2008, exports were down 20.3%, while imports fell by 27.7%.

In November, Slovenia exported EUR 1.46bn worth of goods (down 3.5% y/y). This compares to EUR 1.54bn of imports (down 11.4% Y/Y), setting the import to export ratio at 94.8%.

Slovenia's main trade partners are the other EU members, where the country exported a total of EUR 1.03bn worth of goods or 70.9% of all exports in November. Imports coming from the EU meanwhile amounted to EUR 1.2bn, which is 78.1% of all imports.

Exports of goods to non-EU countries in November stood at EUR 424.7m, while imports amounted to EUR 337.4m, according to the official figures.

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