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Stock Market Operator Wants to Boost Liquidity

Ljubljana, 10 March (STA) - Ljubljanska borza, the operator of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange, said on Wednesday it would take steps to improve liquidity, increase the number of traded securities, and attract new investors.

Ljubljanska borza chairman Andrej Sketa said that at the strategic level, the stock exchange would coordinate its strategy with the government's exit strategy to develop a strategy for the Slovenian capital market.

The company will unveil the Slovenian capital market strategy by the beginning of June, while activities aimed at attracting new investors would be ongoing throughout the year.

In terms infrastructure the Ljubljana Stock Exchange is introducing Xetra, a new international trading platform, Sketa added.

The platform will be introduced on 17 September in a bid to increase the interest of international investment firms and banks for Slovenian stocks.

It will also serve to attract new foreign portfolio investors, enable trading of new financial products and help members of Ljubljanska borza enter other markets, management board member Polone Peterle said.

The operator announced recently it will narrow down on 22 March the prime-market index SBI TOP to the six biggest and most liquid LJSE items. It will take over as the benchmark index from SBI 20, which will be renamed LJSE Composite and expanded to include all traded stocks.

On 1 April, Ljubljanska borza will also introduce Info hramba, a system for central storage of all statutory disclosures by the listed companies, Peterle said.

Ljubljanska borza also expects a lot from membership in the CEE Stock Exchange Group, of which it became a member last year after being acquired by Austria's Wiener Boerse AG in 2008.

"Focusing on the region strengthens the position of the Slovenian capital market," Sketa added.

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