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Survey Shows Half of Slovenians Able to Make Savings

Ljubljana, 25 December (STA) - Two out of three Slovenians report an improvement in their financial status over the past five years, but 60% also feel the impact of the economic crisis on their personal finances, a survey by Mastercard Europe has shown.

The survey on consumers' shopping habits also showed that more than a half of those questioned manage to make some savings at the end of the month.

More than a half of those questioned use credit or debit cards instead of cash for payments, most often Maestro or Mastercard, followed by Mercator Pika, the card issued by Slovenia's biggest retailer. Only 5% have no credit or debit card.

Like elsewhere in the world, the popularity of online shopping is on the increase in Slovenia. Slovenian consumers generally trust shopping on the internet and deem it safe.

The Mastercard survey also showed that more than half of those questioned did not change their shopping habits during the economic turmoil.

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