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Survey Suggests Slovenians Feeling Pinch of Recession

Ljubljana, 27 October (STA) - The impact of the recession on everyday life was felt in October by 66% of Slovenians, a two percentage point increase on March and up three percentage points on the same month last year. While the share of people who feel the impact has not changed much, the reasons have, a survey by the Slovenian Market Association suggests.

The biggest change was noticed in people's expectations, Andraz Zorko of pollster Valicon told the press on Wednesday. People do not fear for their jobs as much as they did in March; they instead point to price hikes and lower standard of living.

The effects of the recession were felt most in increased costs of living, with 45% of the respondents highlighting this in September, which is four percentage points more than in March.

A drop in wages was raised as the reason for lower expectations by 34% of the respondents in September, being 5 percentage points lower than in March and 15 percentage points less than the same month last year.

Meanwhile, 46% of the respondents said that they have not given anything up because of the recession, 16% gave up their holiday, 12% did not buy new clothes and 8% did not invest or make any major purchases. Moreover, 7% said they have lowered the budget for food and drinks and cosmetics.

The survey was carried out by Valicon for the Slovenian Market Association between 22 September and 10 October and included 1,020 respondents aged 18 to 65.

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