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Tax Administration Launches Coop with Companies

Ljubljana, 25 November (STA) - The Tax Administration (DURS) has launched a project of horizontal monitoring, which is based on cooperation between companies and the Tax Administration rather than inspections. The 23 companies, mostly banks, which have joined the project will voluntarily reveal their current and planned tax risks as they emerge.

The pilot project, which only large companies that fulfiled certain criteria have been invited to join, will last two years, DURS director general Mojca Centa Debeljak said at a press conference on Thursday.

According to Centa Debeljak, the biggest benefit for the companies that participate in the project is higher tax certainty, to which retailer Mercator chief Ziga Debeljak added that the company also hopes for a good exchange of know-how.

In the first nine months of 2010, 6,067 inspections of VAT evasions were carried out by DURS, a third of that in the informal economy, Sasa Gornik of the tax inspection department at DURS said.

Tax inspectors have given special attention this year to construction, vehicle sales and dental services. After announcing checks in dental services, tax payments in the sector increased by 37%, she added.

In 2011 DURS will step up inspections of lawyers, subsidies and businesses that cooperate with tax oases, as bank data shows that 5,150 businesses made 50,000 off-shore transactions in 2009.

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