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Text Messaging Surged in 2011

Ljubljana, 20 March (STA) - Text messaging soared in Slovenia in 2011, as mobile phone users sent over 1.5 billion messages, up 18% over the year before. Mobile voice calls, meanwhile, increased by less than a percent to 62 million hours, the Statistics Office said on Tuesday.

The figures show Slovenia boasting 2.17 million mobile telephony users at the end of the year.

This means mobile penetration was well over 100% as many people use multiple phones, for example a private and a business device.

As mobile phone use continued to increase, fixed-line telephony continued a steady decline, according to the statisticians.

Operators recorded 19.5 million hours of calls, a drop of 11% over the year before.

There were still 795,000 fixed-line connections, but voice-over-internet is gradually displacing traditional fixed-line telephony.

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