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Three-Country Deal Signed to Secure Electricity Reserves

Ljubljana, 29 January (STA) - The transmission system operators of Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina signed on Thursday an agreement on the provision of joint power reserve in the three-country area, a move designed to optimise the planning of power reserves.

The agreement determines that the operators will use the available sources to meet the needs for activating the power reserve in what is called the SHB block more efficiently, Slovenian operator ELES said in a statement.

As a result, the operators will be able to reduce the required volume of leased power reserve in their own countries and preclude the need to increase these volumes when larger production units are connected to the grid in the future.

The operators will also assist each other in covering the negative tertiary reserve, for example in case the Slovenian Avče pumped-storage plant fails or in the event of a larger surplus of electricity.

The agreement was signed by ELES, the Croatian HOPS and the Bosnian NOS BiH.

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