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Three Slovenian Brands among Top Ten in the Region

Ljubljana, 22 December (STA) - Argeta brand of pates is the highest ranking Slovenian brand in the region of former Yugoslavia in 4th spot, followed by Cockta and Fructal soft drink labels and Paloma tissues, a survey has shown.

The list of top 25 brands in the region is topped by Milka, Coca Cola and Vegeta, with Argeta following in the 4th place. Cockta places 6th, Fructal 10th and Paloma tissues 11th.

The survey was carried out by Valicon in May and June in the countries of former Yugoslavia, except for Montenegro and Kosovo, on samples involving interviews with between 1,000 and 1,500 adults in each country.

The brand's strength was calculated based on the level of brand awareness, experience and usage. If the same brand was used in different categories, i.e. the case of Paloma in the toilet paper category and in tissues category, the brand strength was calculated for each category separately.

The results are representative of the entire region, considering that the measured strength of a certainbrand in Slovenia contributed to the total strength of this brand on the regional level only half as much as the same brand did in Croatia as the Croatian market is twice the size of the Slovenian market.

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