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Top 500 Supercomputer Presented in Ljubljana

Ljubljana, 21 September (STA) - Software developer Arctur presented in Ljubljana on Tuesday a supercomputer which is one of the most powerful computers in the region and which is soon to be ranked among the 500 fastest computers in the world.

Arctur director Tomi Ilijas said at a press conference at the Slovenian Technology Agency that the supercomputer, developed in cooperation with US corporation IBM, was recently successfully tested.

The supercomputer is part of a development project co-financed by the agency in cooperation with the Economy Ministry as part of the operative programme for strengthening of regional development potentials for the 2007-2013 period.

The project is expected to play a major role in industries in which supercomputers can reduce the costs of development of high-tech products, and in research work which demand high-capacity computer systems.

The project also introduces the service of cloud supercomputing. So far demanding numeric simulations have been available only to large companies, while the new service will be provided to small development-oriented companies online.

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