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Tourism Will Shape Slovenia's Future, Officials Agree

Ljubljana, 04 June (STA) - Tourism is an important part of Slovenia's economy which will help shape the country's development in the future, Economy Ministry State Secretary Darja Radic said on Friday as she addressed the 2010 Slovenian Incoming Workshop, a three-day event put on by the Slovenian Tourism Board (STO).

The government will build Slovenia's development on high-tech services and tourism will complement them nicely, she said. There are not that many job opportunities in high-tech services, while tourism can create many new jobs, she explained.

Head of the Tourism Directorate at the Economy Ministry Marjan Hribar said the ministry was striving to boost the competitiveness of tourism and its scope. He highlighted a public tender, published in May, which offers EUR 4.2m for organisation of regional tourist activities.

The ministry also proposes that tourism development funds would no longer come from casino licence fees but that 1% of tourism revenues be allocated to development. "We believe tourism should cut its own cake. The more successful we all are, the bigger the opportunities for development," Hribar said.

The ministry will publish shortly a public tender promoting themed tourist packages on the national level, for which EUR 1m will be earmarked. Hribar also said there would be no cuts in tourism development funds in this year's supplementary budget.

According to Hribar, the ministry will design a new strategy for tourism, which will aim towards green tourism.

STO head Dimitrij Piciga said this year's Slovenian Incoming Workshop was based on green tourism, while 2010 and 2011 would be dedicated to the setting up and marketing of green tourism.

As part of the 2010 Slovenian Incoming Workshop, the entire Slovenian tourism industry will be presented to foreign partners by Sunday.

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