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Trains Carried 17 Million Tonnes of Freight in 2011

Ljubljana, 08 July (STA) - Trains carried 17 million tonnes of freight in Slovenia last year and performed 3,750 million tonne-kilometres, up 5% and 10%, respectively, over the year before, the Statistics Office said. Four-fifths of the freight was carried in international transport.

Some 2.75 million tonnes of freight in transit through Slovenia was carried and 660 million tonne-kilometres performed, a 5% decrease expressed in tonnes and a 3% decrease expressed in tonne-kilometres compared to 2010.

Over a quarter of the freight was classified as other goods, while coal, gas, petrol and refined products accounted for almost a fifth of all freight. Mining and quarrying products represented nearly 18% of the total.

In the period 2004-2008 more than 1.5 million tonnes of dangerous freight was carried by train yearly. The quantity of dangerous freight, in particular flammable liquids, increased in 2009 and 2010 to almost 2 million tonnes, but it dropped to 1.9 million tonnes last year.

The Slovenian railway network consists of 1,209 km of railway lines, of which 330 km are double tracks and 500 km are electrified.

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