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Transshipment in Luka Koper Down Almost 20% in 2009

Koper, 15 February (STA) - Slovenian port operator Luka Koper transshipped a total of 13,143.62 tonnes of goods in 2009, which is almost 20% less than in the year before, the company said in a press release on Monday.

Transshipment of cars almost halved compared to 2008, transshipment of coal and iron ore dropped by 33%, of bulk cargo by about 20% and of petroleum products by 12%.

However, this January was a record January for Luka Koper in terms of transshipped goods (1,506.88 tonnes). The company exceeded the targets by 25%.

Compared to January 2009, an increase in transshipment was recorded for general cargo, bulk cargo, timber, containers, cars and bauxite, while only transshipment of energy products was down.

In January, the company transshipped 30,000 container units, which is up 11% year-on-year. Transshipment of vehicles was meanwhile up 4% compared to January 2008.

The company is expected to publish business results for last year at the beginning of March.

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