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Tuerk Discusses Economic Situation with ECB Officials

Frankfurt, 03 February (STA) - President Danilo Tuerk met at the headquarters of the European Central bank (ECB) in Frankfurt on Wednesday the bank's president Jean-Claude Trichet and ECB executive board member Lorenzo Bini Smaghi, discussing the economic situation in the eurozone and a reform of financial system regulation.

The bank plays a very important role in the efforts to reform financial system regulation as part of the Financial Stability Board at the level of the G-20 major economies, the president's office said.

Tuerk was acquainted with the economic trends in the eurozone and expectations for 2010. Trichet and Bini Smaghi also presented the president the bank's efforts to provide financial stability in time of the implementation of exit strategies.

ECB has been providing for maintenance of liquidity and stability of the financial system of the euro area with numerous monetary policy measures in time of the financial and economic crisis.

Tuerk was accompanied on his brief visit by Slovenian Ambassador to Germany Mitja Drobnic, the head of the president's office Mojca Seliskar Tos and president's adviser for diplomatic matters Dusan Snoj.

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