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Tus Most Respected CEO, Krka Best Rated Company

Ljubljana, 24 May (STA) - Retail magnate Mirko Tus is the most respected business executive, while drug maker Krka is the highest esteemed company in Slovenia, according to a survey published by daily Dnevnik on Monday.

Krka chairman Joze Colaric ranks second on the list of chief executives, ahead of Tatjana Fink of Trimo, a maker of prefab construction components, and France Arhar of Unicredit Banka Slovenija.

Tus, the owner and chairman of retailer Engrotus, is new to the rankings. "Obviously he is the only one to progress from zero to first place, on the back of organic growth, and the only 100% owner of the company (he chairs), so he impressed most of the respondents," the author of the survey Miro Kline explained.

As part of the survey, carried out by polling agency Kline-Partner, 800 business executives assessed the reputation of 108 CEOs and of Slovenian companies.

The top-rated company was Krka. Revoz, the Slovenian subsidiary of French car maker Renault, ranked second, while IT software company Microsoft was third. The trio was followed by drug maker Lek, Trimo, spa operator Terme Olimia, fruit drinks maker Fructal, spa operator Terme Catez, mobile operator Simobil and energy company Petrol.

The list of top ten most respectable CEOs meanwhile also included Janez Skrabec, the boss of wood houses manufacturer Riko, Franjo Bobinac of household appliance maker Gorenje, Ziga Debeljak of retailer Mercator, Herman Rigelnik, general manger of the conglomerate ACH and Matjaz Gantar of the financial group KD Group.

Finishing tenth was Aleksander Svetelsek, former CEO of Engrotus, who is now at the helm of Petrol. Compared to last year, he gained ten spots.

Among those who lost the most spots, fifty or more, were Zdenko Pavcek of logistics group Viator&Vektor, Hilda Tovsak of construction company Vegrad and Ales Nemec of car electronics manufacturer Iskra Avtoelektrika.

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