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Two Slovenian Companies to Cooperate on Belarus Deal

Idrija, 12 March (STA) - Civil engineering company Riko and industrial group Kolektor will cooperate in the construction of electrical substations in the Minsk area in Belarus, a deal won by Riko. The two companies also plan to secure other deals in Slovenia and Macedonia together.

The deal, worth EUR 1.5m according to the business daily Finance, will include manufacturing and supply of four 40 megawatt energy transformers for Bretskaya and Kamenaya Gorka substations by Kolektor Etra, Kolektor's subsidiary.

Kolektor Etra will also be in charge of fitting and testing the transformers and training the Belarus employees, Kolektor said on Tuesday.

This is the second deal involving supply of energy transformers to Belarus in which Kolektor is cooperating with Riko. The first transformers were supplied to Belarus by Kolektor Etra in 2012.

According to Kolektor CEO Stojan Petrič, the two companies complement each other well in that they both deal with engineering.

Kolektor specialises in transformers and has know-how of management systems and monitoring, as well as electro and mechanical installations.

Riko on the other hand has a lot of international references from numerous infrastructure projects.

Riko head Janez Škrabec said he was glad that the two companies had recently also won a EUR 3.8m deal for the renovation of the sewage treatment facility in Idrija.

The deals the companies are hoping for in the future include the construction of a gas power plant at the co-generation plant Termoelektrarna Toplarna Ljubljana, regional waste management centre in Nova Gorica and hydro power plant Nova Boškov most in Macedonia, Kolektor said in a press release.

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