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Two Thirds of Slovenian Households Have Internet Access

Brussels, 18 October (STA) - With 65% percent of Slovenian households having internet access, Slovenia ranks just a notch above the European average of 64%, shows the recent Eurobarometer poll on e-communications released by the European Commission.

Of all households with internet, 54% have a broadband connection (the EU average is 48%), 31% ADSL (the EU average is 35%) and 15 % access the internet over a cable modem (the EU average is 9%).

The data also shows that 98% of households in the EU have access to a (mobile or fixed-line) telephone while Slovenia is listed with Sweden, Malta, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Cyprus and Denmark where all households have telephone access.

There are 75% of households in Slovenia that have both a fixed-line and a mobile telephone (the EU average is 62%), while 18% have cut the cord and are mobile-only (the EU average is 25%).

In Slovenia 99% of households own a TV, slightly above the EU average (98%). Out of these, 53% own a cable TV while the remaining 46% use service packages.

The survey was conducted in November and December 2009 on a sample of almost 27,000 respondents around the EU, including 1,017 from Slovenia.

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