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Unemployment Growth Eases Off

Ljubljana, 03 March (STA) - Unemployment growth seems to be temporarily tailing off in Slovenia, as the number of jobless registered with the Slovenian Employment Service rose 0.2% to 99,784 in February.

This is the smallest monthly increase since October 2008, but it nevertheless means that the unemployment total is 29.3% higher than a year ago.

The Employment Service said Wednesday that it had registered 6,848 newly jobless in February, which is down 35.7% on the previous month and 16% less than a year ago.

Of the newly unemployed, 805 were first-time job seekers, 1,710 were made redundant or lost their job as a result of a bankruptcy, and 2,776 were made jobless because their fixed-term contracts ended.

The mass layoffs associated with the economic crisis changed the overall structure of the unemployed: more men than women are now jobless and the ranks of the unemployed aged 25-49 swelled.

Moreover, the average time of unemployment rose to one year and nearly seven months, but this is still three months shorter than a year ago.

Even though the number of jobless remained level, the Employment Service says the figures on new job openings show no signs of recovery.

Employers published 11,718 job openings, down 7.4% on the previous month and nearly half the figure from a year ago.

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