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Unemployment Rate Flat in July at 10.5%

Ljubljana, 16 September (STA) - The registered unemployment rate in Slovenia remained flat in July for the third consecutive month at 10.5%, the Statistics Office said on Thursday. The number of active population meanwhile decreased by 3,400 people compared to June.

The registered unemployment rate in July stood at 9.8% for men (level compared to June), and at 11.5% for women (11.3% in June).

There was a total of 98,406 unemployed persons in July, which is an increase of 216 compared to a month earlier. There were 50,888 unemployed men and 47,518 unemployed women.

The total active population in July was 835,898, of those 748,064 with a job and 87,834 self-employed.

Unemployment rates decreased in July in three statistical regions, with the Pomurje region (NE) seeing the biggest drop of 0.2 percentage points.

Among the 210 Slovenian municipalities, more than a half (115) had a 10% or higher registered unemployment rate, and 12 had a 20% or higher registered unemployment rate.

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