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Unemployment Rate Hits 10%

Ljubljana, 16 December (STA) - Slovenia's registered unemployment rate rose 0.6 percentage points to 10% in October, reaching double digits for the first time since April 2006.

A total of 94,591 people were out of a job in October, which is 3,300 (7%) more than the month before and 51% more than the same month in 2008, the Statistics Office said on Wednesday.

The office said that the large increase in October was due to a combination of the economic downturn and seasonal factors.

Contributing the most to the rise was a significant increase in unemployment in the Pomurje region (NE), where unemployment rose 3.6 percentage points to 18.4% after the collapse of the clothing giant Mura.

The region's unemployment rate is more than 5 percentage points higher than that in Podravje (NE), the region with the second-highest unemployment rate.

The seasonal factor contributing to the rise was the university graduation period, as a total of 4,200 university-leavers were added to the unemployment tally in October.

The unemployment rate among men stood at 9.1%, while it was at 11.1% among women.

According to the office, a total of 850,422 people had a job in October out of an active population of 945,013.

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