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Unemployment Slightly Down in August

Ljubljana, 05 September (STA) - The number of unemployed in Slovenia was down by nearly 1% in August both on monthly and annual levels, according to data issued by the Employment Service on Wednesday. The Employment Service's register included 106,071 unemployed persons in August, which was 0.8% less than the month before and 0.9% less than in August 2011.

Nearly 6,490 persons registered with the Employment Service in August, which was 26.2% less than in July and 0.2% less than in August 2011.

Most of them registered with the service after their fixed-term contracts had run out (3,168) or they had been laid off as redundancies or their employers had undergone receivership (1,354).

Just over 7,310 people were deleted from the register in August, of which nearly 4,000 were employed or started their own business, this was 0.1% less than in July and 1.4% less than in August 2011.

The average period one needs to find a new job has grown longer. In August, the unemployed needed on average a year, eleven moths and just over a week to find a job, a year ago this period was one month and 24 days shorter.

In the fist eight months, an average of 109,542 people were in the register of the Employment Service, which was 1.1% less than in the same period of the previous year.

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