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Vecer Says Merkur Boss not a $Classical Tycoon$

Maribor, 07 May (STA) - Vecer argues in Friday's commentary that Merkur boss Bine Kordez, who is selling the company's technical goods division to retailer Mercator after his leveraged buyout turned sour, is not a $classic tycoon$.

People often compared Kordez to former Pivovarna Lasko boss Bosko Srot and the former CEO of Istrabenz holding Igor Bavcar, but such comparisons are not entirely justified.

Merkur's managers were never hiding their ambitions and Kordez never wanted the whole company for himself, Vecer comments in "Not a Classical Tycoon".

Moreover, they offered shareholders a price (EUR 405 per share) that no former Merkur shareholder could ever dream of getting today.

Unlike Srot and Bavcar, he also seems to have acted quickly enough to solve the once stellar company from collapse.

Perhaps the biggest qualm about Kordez and his team is that they were too busy dealing with ownership and neglected development, the paper concludes.

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