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Watchdog Drops Anti-Trust Case Against Gas Suppliers

Ljubljana, 16 September (STA) - The Competition Protection Agency has dropped an anti-trust case against 16 gas suppliers after rejecting allegations of concerted action in the pricing of gas for households.

The agency's decision states that the suppliers have not breached EU anti-trust rules, Energetika Ljubljana, one of the companies included in the probe, said on Tuesday.

The watchdog initiated proceedings in February 2013 based on an anonymous complaint it received in October 2012.

The probe involved checks as to whether the prices for households rose and dropped in lockstep, and whether the suppliers exchanged price-sensitive information in breach of EU rules.

Energetika Ljubljana said it had proved it had "never arranged the pricing of natural gas with anyone."

It said the probe simply established gas price changes were largely based on wholesale prices, as the majority of suppliers buy gas from a single company, Geoplin.

Incidentally, Geoplin, which was not the subject of the probe, this year paid a million euro fine for obstructing the investigation by refusing to hand over documents.

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