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Women in Slovenia Less Likely to Turn to Business

Ljubljana, 20 September (STA) - Women in Slovenia are significantly less likely to turn to entrepreneurship than men and their share is falling, figures from the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) suggest.

The global study of the entrepreneurship found that the share of women among forming and newly-founded businesses in Slovenia stood at 24.2%, while the share among established businesses was 28.7%.

The GEM found the European average for women in entrepreneurship stood at 33.3% and the average of all the countries was at 35.4%.

Moreover, domestic figures show that women make up for 25.4% of the 150,000 people employed in small business in Slovenia.

The Chamber of Crafts and Small Business(OZS) also highlights that there are still very stereotypical divisions among "male" and "female" businesses.

Most women in small business work in catering (4,714 or 12.7% of all the women), hairstyling (12.1%) and cleaning (11.7%).

Fewer than 25% of women work in the mainly "male" professions, such as stone-cutting, carpentry, transportation etc.

Most women in Slovenia turn to business in the age from 25 to 34 years, which is also the most represented group among the new entrepreneurs in the world.

The GEM survey also found that fewer women than men believe to have the know-how, skills and experience to start their own business.

They are also more afraid of a failure and do not believe that favourable opportunities will arise in the next six months.

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