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Women in Slovenia Still Paid Less than Men

Ljubljana, 25 September (STA) - Women in Slovenia remain less paid than men, with their average monthly pay amounting to 94.9% of the men's average pay in 2012. The gap between an average women's and men's pay was EUR 84 last year, according to data released by the Statistics Office on Wednesday.

Men earned an average monthly pay of EUR 1,639 gross in 2012, while the women's gross pay was at EUR 1,555.

The Statistics Office stressed that these were average values and that pay gaps occurred due to differences in education and age as well as profession.

The biggest gap between men's and women's pay was recorded in health care and welfare. Here the women earned 26.5% less than men last year.

The narrowest gap was seen in real estate brokerage, where women earned 6.1% (EUR 98) less than men.

Meanwhile, women working in public sector earned 6.5% (EUR 121) less than their colleagues.

However there are some sectors where women earn more than men.

In construction women earned 18.4% more than men in 2012, in transport they earned 16.1% more and in water and waste management they earned 14.8% more than men.

Half of the people employed in Slovenia earned less than EUR 1,310 gross a month in 2012.

The average gross pay in Slovenia was the highest in the statistical region of Central Slovenia (Osrednja Slovenija) - EUR 200 above that earned in other parts of the country.

This region, which is centred in Ljubljana, employs more than a third of all employees in Slovenia.

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