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Yield on Slovenian Bonds Continues to Fall

Ljubljana, 01 February (STA) - The yield on Slovenian 10-year bonds continued to fall on Wednesday, dropping to 6.26% by midday, which is 0.17 percentage points less than on Tuesday, according to data by the NLB bank.

The drop, following two months of hovering around the 7% yield ceiling, comes after the prolonged government formation process in Slovenia ended as parliament endorsed Janez Janša of the Democrats (SDS) as PM-elect on Saturday.

Today's drop for Slovenia was accompanied by a falling yield on comparable bonds for some of the vulnerable eurozone states, with Italy's for instance sliding 0.22 points to 5.55% and Spain's from 0.15 points to 4.54%.

The yield on the 10-year German bond, considered the safest in Europe, remained unchanged at 1.83% at noon today, which means that the surcharge for Slovenia was at 4.43 percentage points, down 1.17 points on Tuesday.

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