Best foreign direct investments of 2015

SPIRIT Slovenia - Public Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for the Promotion of Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Development, Investment and Tourism awarded the best foreign direct investments for the year 2015. The winners are Sogefi Filtration, Optotek, Willy Standler and Schenker.

Sogefi Filtration won this year's award for the best foreign owned employer. The company is owned by Italian Sogefi s.p.a., a leading global supplier of filtration systems, flexible suspension components, air management and engine cooling systems for the automotive industry. Sogefi's Slovenian plant is located in Medvode near Ljubljana and is one of the group's 42 production sites located all over the globe. The oil and air filters produced by the Slovenian plant are used by BMW, Daimler Chrysler, Audi, Renault, Fiat and Peugeot among others. The company has almost doubled its revenues to 30 million euros in the last five years to and now employs 160 people.

Optotek is one of the three largest developers and makers of laser based medical equipment used in ophthalmology. The Slovenian high-tech company is controlled by the Japanese tech giant Canon (73 percent is owned by Canon Polska). Optotek’s medical equipment is used on all the continents including Antarctica (South Pole Station), as proudly emphasized on the company’s web site. With 15-percent of the global market it is one of Slovenia’s hidden champions, a small but leading global players in its niche. Optotek’s revenues reach 7 million euros, its average annual growth is 15 percent. Optotek won the award for its business results.

Willy Stadler won the SPIRIT’s FDI Award for the long term presence in Slovenia. The German metal construction producer started its operations in Slovenia back in 1997 with a mere 7 employees. The fast growth of the company began in 2002, when Stadler acquired a manufacturing plant in Krško, an industrial town in Posavje near the Croatian border.

Stadler now employs 76 people. Around two thirds of its metal constructions, which include roofings, shelves, equipment for logistic centers and production halls, is sold outside Slovenia. Its revenues have reached 14 million euros. The company is 100-percent owned by the German family business Willy Stadler GmbH.

The award for the best FDI in logistics went to Schenker, a Slovenian subsidiary of leading European logistics company. Schenker is a part of German railway company Deutsche Bahn and enjoys an excellent reputation for its innovations and green transportation services.

Schenker started its operations in Slovenia in 2002 with the takeover of Intertrans, a Slovenian transportation company formed back in 1964. Now Schenker Slovenija offers advanced IT backed logistics and multimodal transportation by land, air or sea. The company operates in seven strategically selected locations, which include major logistics nodes in Slovenia, like Brnik Airport, Ljubljana, port of Koper, and Gruškovje, a key border crossing with Croatia. Schenker ended 2014 with  sales revenues close to 36 million euros. 


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