No cars on the planet without Polycom’s components

No cars on the planet without Polycom’s components

What is so special about Polycom? The company may be unknown to the wider public, yet there's hardly a car currently driving on this planet without at least one component made by Polycom. The 30 year old company from Poljane, a small place near the historic town of Škofja Loka, produces polymer products for the automotive industry, while also providing assembly, welding, printing and other »value adding« processes. The company develops its own tools and has strong R&D. Recently Polycom's R&D efforts have been focused on developing gear components from polymer materials. The company received The Entrepreneurial Star award mostly for its financial results: high growth and solid profitability. The company also operates in accordance with high ethical and environmental standards. Finance gave its award to Polycom because of its highly automatized new plant built in strict accordance to factory 4.0 principles. In 2020 Polycom plans to open two new production facilities in Mexico and China. The new manufacturing facilities should support Polycom's continuing growth. While they plan to move some manufacturing outside Europe, the company’s owners, the brothers Stanovnik, plan to keep research and development in Slovenia.

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