TOP 300: The largest companies in Slovenia

What better sign that Slovenian economy has overcome the crisis than the performance of the largest companies? They are bigger, employ more and are – above all – much more profitable than they were in recent years. In 2013, the top 300 companies together made 34.6 billion euros of sales revenues. Last year the sum of revenues went up to 36.4 billion. Employment went up slightly, yet the total sum of the net profits increased from 83.4 million to 784 million euros. In 2013, 79 percent of the companies on the list ended the year with profit. Last year this number went up to 87 percent.

The largest Slovenian companies are obviously not corporate behemoths,  such as those on the Fortune 500 list. In fact, they more closely resemble a solid mid-size enterprise. On average they employ 411 people and create 121 million euros of sales revenues. To qualify for the TOP300 list, the company must make at least 28.7 million euros of revenues. Last year, 25.8 million was enough to get on the list – 11 percent less.

The country's largest company is still the national fuel trader Petrol. Overall, the top of the list holds no surprises. The very same names occupy the top as in the previous edition, albeit slightly reshuffled. Petrol's sales reached 3.3 billion euros last year – a very moderate increase from 3.2 billion in 2013. The second place is held by Mercator, the largest retailer in the country. Mercator’s revenues reached 1.5 billion euros in 2014. The company was taken over by Croatian retailer Agrokor earlier this year. The sale provoked some negative reaction from the public: Agrokor is owned by a controversial Croatian tycoon Ivica Todorić and is itself heavily indebted.

The rest of the largest: power companies HSE and Gen-I, two pharmaceutical companies Krka and Lek (more in a separate article on the pharmaceutical industry in Slovenia in this edition of the newsletter), Renault’s factory in Novo Mesto, Revoz, home appliances manufacturer Gorenje, Telekom Slovenije and OMV Slovenija, subsidy of Austrian fuel trader OMV.

There were attempts by the government to sell Telekom Slovenije earlier this year. At the time no strategic partner with a long term development vision expressed enough interest to buy the Slovenian national telecommunication operator. Now Telekom Slovenije has posted a bid to buy Serbian operator Telekom Srbije – as a regional player, the company could become much more attractive to serious buyers.


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