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2013 FDI Award winners

2013 FDI Award winners

On Wednesday, November 13th 2013 SPIRIT Slovenija addressed "People Who Talk Business" and announced winners of FDI Award for 2013.

The award-giving ceremony is a great occasion to show what can be done when foreign investors, government and stakeholders work hand-in-hand for the common benefit.

This year’s winners are providing solutions to the challenges of rapid changes and competitive pressures and serve as a compass for the future direction of economic development based on new competences and capabilities. The foreign-owned companies registered in Slovenia are in many cases better equipped to adapt to changes brought about by the globalisation. These companies invest more in research and development and they increase their development potential and technological innovation in both the manufacturing and service sectors. The foreign-owned companies are better at business skills and entrepreneurship necessary in introducing new solutions to the market. Slovenia can provide trained people for knowledge-intensive sectors and entrepreneurial potential for new market products, processes and technologies and foreign investors who are already here appreciate it. But to get a bigger footprint in the international competition and upgrade exports from assembly to developing high-tech products and knowledge-intensive services or simply to increase the share of knowledge-intensive products in all tradable sectors, Slovenian companies need foreign capital.

A professional jury has selected the winners of the FDI Award in 4 categories:

Large companies, service-orientedWinner: Si.mobil d.d.

The telecommunications company Si.mobil telekomunikacijske storitve, d.d., entered the Slovenian mobile communication technology market back in March 1999. At the end of 2012, Si.mobil had 662,646 subscribers, which means a 3.6 per cent growth in comparison with a year earlier and a 30 per cent market share. The company’s revenue generated by selling the base telecommunication services increased by 8.7 per cent year-on-year. The company not only kept its existing staff but continued to hire despite the never-ending economic crisis. Currently Si.mobil has 380 people on its payroll, and value-added per employee is over 210,000 euros. This vibrant telco company is firmly on track thanks to a wide roster of products and services shared with the industry leader Vodafone and the synergies created within the international telecommunications group Telekom Austria Group. 

Direct investor: Telekom Austria Group, Austria

Business performanceWinner: Akers Valji Ravne d.o.o.

The core business of Akers Valji Ravne d.o.o. from Koroška region is manufacture of forged steel cylinders for cold roll of metal tin and foil. Commitment to enhancing competitive advantage will result in reduced costs, increased productivity and improved quality. The company’s in-house skills and expertise will be deployed to increase the share of rolls using materials of superior quality both for forged and cast cylinders. The company’s output in 2012 was more than five thousand cylinders with combined weight of nearly 1,900 tonnes. Net sales amounted in 2012 to more than 17 million euros or 26.6 per cent more than a year earlier and the manufacturer posted profit for 2012. Its value-added per employee was 50,000 euros and practically all earnings come from exports.

Direct investor: Akers, Sweden.

New investments funded under Spirit Slovenija's FDI SchemeWinner: Cecomp d.o.o.

Cecomp d.o.o. landed its greenfield investment project worth 7 million euros in Slovenia in the automotive industry. The plant is located in Mirna Peč near Novo mesto and there is work for 35 people. It is a large investment and the company will be a supplier for the local market with Revoz as its key buyer. There are prospects for new contracts with buyers in Central and East Europe. The Slovenian subsidiary of the Italian parent company is conceived as a “service centre” in the metalworking industry acting as an intermediary between the large raw materials suppliers (steelworks) and the automotive industry. The plant’s production processes enable it to supply cut-to-length sheet metal for bodywork parts, used in the pressing lines of vehicle manufacturers, as well as supplying finished parts to the assembly lines.

Direct investor: Cecomp, Italia.

Long-term presence in SloveniaWinner: Lek d.d.

A special award goes to the renowned pharmaceutical company Lek d.d., member of the Sandoz Group, for its loyalty to Slovenia. Lek has evolved into the leading R & D centre of Sandoz. In 2012, a state-of-the-art laboratory for cell and molecular biology was inaugurated in the Biopharmaceutical unit, the works on the construction of a new control centre in Ljubljana are under way and the production capacities for the key production programmes keep expanding. At the end of 2012, more additional development projects landed in Slovenia as a result of the optimisation of the Group’s global development orientation. It means that the R & D centre in Slovenia is posied to become the central pillar of the Group’s global development. The company hired 2012 some 300 people. Its performance is formidable particularly in terms of earnings per employee, value-added per employee and profitability. Lek has preserved its market share in Slovenia and its exports which account of 90 per cent of its output, keep rising. The company launched more than 1,300 new products around the globe in 2012.

Direct investor: Novartis Pharma, Switzerland.

Warm congratulations and best wishes to all the winners of the 2013 FDI Award!


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