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English website of Slovenian Innovation Forum

SPIRIT Slovenia is proud to announce the new english version of website of Slovenian Innovation Forum.

The organiser of the Slovenian Innovation Forum is SPIRIT Slovenia, the public agency for the promotion of entrepreneurship, innovation, development, investment and tourism, with financial support from the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology.

In 2013 we carried out the eighth national event entitled the 8th Slovenian Innovation Forum, which provided a stage for everything from innovative business ideas, technical improvements, proposals, innovations and inventions to innovative products, services and business models.

On the initiative of the finalists of this year's Innovation Forum tge agency lounched the English version of the web portal in order to promote slovenian innovation among foreign public.

The Agency also sent printed catalogs of  this year's Slovenian Innovation in 34 Slovenian to the Embassies around the world, namely the 50 items in each Embassy with the aim of promoting Slovenian innovation and Slovenian knowledge.

The English version of the website Innovation Forum is available at this link: This English version is contains video reportage od the event with English subtitles:


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