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First and second package of anti-crisis measures adopted by the Slovenian Government

Government of the Republic of Slovenia adopted important measures aimed at mitigating the impact of the financial and economic downturn and maintaining jobs by providing initiatives to the economy.

The most important measures from the first package of measures:

1. Partially Subsidising of Full-time Work Act along with ensuring part-time work

2. Raising the tax break for investments in equipment and intangible assets

3. Co-financing the purchase of new technological equipment

4. Guarantees for collateralising bank loans at a subsidised interest rate

5. Co-financing development investment projects

6. Venture Capital Company

7. Increasing funding for the promotion of technology development and R & D projects

The most important measures from the second package of measures:

1. Guarantee scheme provided to banks for general granting of loans to companies

2. Individual government-backed guarantees for corporate borrowers

3. Low-value aid (new »DE MINIMIS« scheme 500,000)

4. Support to the strategic projects in the field of clean and technologically advanced industry

5. Shortening of payment period (Act Amending the Value Added Tax Act)

For detailed information and temporary state of the particular measure please open the attached document.

 Anti-crisis measures PDF 78.2kB


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