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Foreign Direct Investors of 2008 Award

The 2008 FDI awards went yesterday to the foreign companies whose investments have been scored by the Public Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Entrepreneurship and Foreign Investments (JAPTI) and The Slovenia Times as the most significant FDI projects in Slovenia expected to blaze a trail for others. The winners are XAL (Xenon Architectural Lighting) and Wolford for the combined direct inward investments in Slovenia’s economy worth over 8 million euros and the new employment for 320 people – a boon to the development of the country’s economy and the perception of  Slovenia as a prime investment location.  

XAL is a fast-growing company from Graz (Austria) that specialises in the manufacturing of the illumination and lighting systems for shops, offices, hotels and living space. The fact that XAL boasting operations on every continent has decided to expand its business set up in Murska Sobota where last year’s investment totalling 1.5 million euros created 50 new jobs, is of particular importance for Slovenia’s north-eastern region of Pomurje. In less than a year, XAL has invested additional 2.5 million euros in production halls and the expansion of the company’s facilities means that 100 new jobs will be created over the three-year period.  

Wolford, renowned as a designer hosiery brand, announced its corporate decision to land a greenfield investment in Slovenia at the end of 2008. The project pencils in the investment of 4.6 million euros in the production of high-end ladies’ thighs and stockings in Murska Sobota, the administrative centre of Pomurje. The number of new jobs is expected to reach 170 in three year’s time and should help to improve the fortunes of the region badly hit by the global economic gloom. 


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