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Foreign Direct Investors of 2010 Award

This year’s award programme features foreign and local investors who have been segmented according to the criteria that in addition to business success also reward responsibility towards society and good corporate citizenship:

1st category: » Company performance «

Knauf Insulation d.o.o. based in Škofja Loka is the overall winner with the highest scores in all categories and the total score of 43.81 points.  In addition to good operating results partly attributable to the take-over of Termo, an insulation manufacturer, and the relocation of the production of rock mineral wool from Austria, another company’s strong point to convince the jury has been the decision to reinvest total profit into new technologies, development of high value-added products and technologies, as well as the environment protection. The company has focused effort on the manufacturing of glass and rock mineral wool with the thermal, acoustic and fire performance benefits of high-end products guided by commitment to improve profitability by improving quality-cost ratio as to be able to pay for long-haul transportation costs. The fact that the Slovenian company has become the competence centre for rock mineral wool for the family of Knauf affiliates is yet another proof of high professional standards and quality found “on the sunny side of the Alps”.

2nd category: »Performance management during crisis«

Hella Saturnus Slovenija d.o.o. headquartered in Ljubljana is the winner with the score of 27.44 points in the category of businesses hard hit by the global economic crisis. The jury has rewarded the company’s capacity to cope with the plunge in demand across the globe and in all sectors of the economy. The automotive industry started to feel the pinch some three years ago and the going has been rough ever since. Nevertheless, Hella Saturnus Slovenija d.o.o. has managed not only to stay afloat but during the past five years, it has hired new employees and increased revenue partly thanks to subsidised purchase of small passenger cars. As much as 91% of the company’s products is sold in foreign markets where discerning customers appreciate quality and professional service. Expertise in the fields of lighting and electronics and network partnerships with strategic suppliers offering customers the benefits of a flexible, medium-sized company and comprehensive technological solutions have won Hella Saturnus Slovenija the contract with Nissan. The Japanese car manufacturer has selected the Slovenian producer for the headlights for its crossover Qashqai given a facelift earlier this year. Hella Saturnus Slovenija is a supplier also for the German Opel and Vokswagen and other car manufacturers.  A long industrial tradition and dedication to high professional standards and quality have earned Hella Saturnus Slovenija d.o.o. the role of the competence centre for the parent company and its affiliates in the field of the development and manufacturing of additional headlights. The company has obtained several patent rights and the accolades for this achievement go to the company’s talented and highly qualified engineers and the fact that innovation has played the centre-stage role for many years.

3rd category: A beneficiary of the financial incentives awarded to foreign investors and brownfield investment

Carthago d.o.o., a leader in manufacturing of motor homes, has convinced the jury to give it the award in its category by posting excellent business results. The parent company headquartered in Germany decided to make greenfield investment in Pomurje back in 2006, and the project was complete in 2008. Since the launch of production, the company has been steadily growing in terms of output, revenue and the number of employees. The Slovenian subsidiary of Carthago manufactures a niche model of a high-end light-weight mobile home and the success of the model “Made in Slovenia” played a crucial role in 2009 in keeping the balance sheet of the entire Carthago in the black. A decision taken in 2010 envisages another investment in the amount of 3 million euros and the location of the new plant will be once more in Pomurje. The investor has received co-financing for both investments under the Cost-Sharing Grant Scheme in place for attracting foreign direct investment (FDI).

Profiling inward investment success stories through the investor awards is vital to raising awareness about the increasing quality and quantity of entries received this year and this year’s winners prove that the appeal of Slovenia to the global investment community is growing.


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