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International Development Conference FDI Summit Slovenia 2014

Date: 22 Octobr 2014

Venue: Faculty of Economic, University of Ljubljana

»Direction Forward!«


The FDI Summit Slovenia 2014 is an international development conference which will highlight the current situation in the Slovenian economy and define the key measures for recovery from the ongoing crisis and the support for sustainable growth going forward. In addition to long term stabilisation of public finances, the key issue for further development is associated with the acquisition of adequate resources for investments. In this context, the focus of the Summit will be the role of foreign investors in raising the competitiveness of the Slovenian economy and improving the quality of corporate governance. The Summit will not just  uncritically address the necessity of  privatisation, the essential goal of the state must be to define a basic and effective development strategy, strategic projects within a clear framework based on clear criteria to define the role of foreign capital.

More than 20 prominent speakers, among them a number of CEOs of renowned domestic and foreign companies in Slovenia, potential investors and the most important Slovenian political decision makers: Prime Minister Miro Cerar and Minister of Finance Dušan Mramor and many others will share their views and opinions. 

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