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Invest Slovenia's web site best practice performance

We are delighted to announce the results of recent study performed among Investment promotion agencies (IPA). A study Global Investment Promotion Best Practices (GIPB 2012) has been conducted by the World Bank Group Investment Climate Department.The objective of the study is to help IPA's to learn from peer experiences in order to improve the effectiveness of investment promotion efforts.The analysis shows the comparison of Invest Slovenia’s performance against the average performance in the region, and against the best-performing IPA's in the world.

Result Compared with the Region and the World Component Invest SloveniaRegional Average (OECD)Best IPA in World Web site88%84%91%

Source: World Bank Group, 2012.

The report reveals that Invest Slovenia's result of 88 percent for the Web site represents a best practice performance in online investment promotion. Regarding the evaluation of web sites GIPB assessed each IPA's web site in four main dimensions or themes as follows: information architecture, design, content and promotional effectiveness.However, we may assure you that we will do our best in delivering relevant, useful and focused information about Slovene investment climate as well as bringing real usability and user friendliness of the web to potential investors.For more information about GIPB 2012, please visit Global Investment Promotion.


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